'twas still last year since I made some major tweaking in my layout. But for weeks (or months I guess) I was planning a new look for my blog. Most changes I made is in the side bar, I decided to merge it again, settled to simpler header and social badges. Also I added a portion “Photo of the Moment”- looking for the perfect plug-in actually took me weeks and I got the Idea from Xiaxue's and Ms. Helga's blog.

if you could notice the new look of my blog is actually inspired to Ms. Helga’s NAPBAS Nominated Blog Layout and I’m giving her the credit for that, but I did all the coding, researching, and tweaking.

Same color scheme, base theme and still very minimalist. I’ve become comfortable with my base theme (Nostalgia) so working on it was a breeze; it only took me roughly five hours to came up with this. I might add and make some little polishing, or maybe not.  

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